" You must concentrate on gaining knowledge and education. It is your foremost responsibility. Political awareness of the era is also part of your education. You must be aware of international events and environment. Education is a matter of life and death for our country. " - Quaid e Azam.

Noble Computer and English Coaching Centre has been providing a flow of knowledg since 2002. We have a study plan to suit students' needs regardless of their available time and career plans. Eduation shapes the personality of the people to integrate them rightly into the society. The fundamental principle of the centre is to make the students realise the changing dynamics of the world to make them well updated to make their space in this world. Our mission is to create the students liberal in all aspects of life. All activities of centre aim nothing but to establish the students and to make them realize main and major angles of the study. Noble C&ECC system tends to improve quality and equity in education.

It has been under supervision of sir Ghulam Murtaza Sand since starting. This institution is responsible for providing quality education along with career guidlines to the students. It has been giving a specific knowledge of subjects such as Computer, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Shorthand and stenotyping.

Learning with concept and motivation is our main aim to target students' career with satisfaction, so teaching and preparing for any exam or entry test is one of the best way to boost your level of learning well.